• Wilson Bao
    Director / Licencee
    Friendly, approachable and highly motivated, Wilson began his real estate journey in 2008. His dedication to provide outstanding services to the clients has resulted him to receive excellent feedbacks. As an award-winning representative accredited by REIWA, he has an understanding of plausible work ethics that are required to achieve the desired results. Wilson is the co-founder of Landmark Central.  As a highly effective real estate sales mentor, most of his businesses won as a result of his impeccable knowledge and professionalism. He possesses exceptional communication, organisational and management skills. Describing himself as someone who always look after his clients’ best interests, Wilson takes an active role in developing and managing the sales process personally. Wilson’s client-focused attribute enables him to develop targeted, property-specific marketing campaigns for his clients. Aware that the sales process can be stressful, Wilson understands the value of communicating with his clients. Wilson will also be able to provide you with expert advice on how to get the most out of your investment. He has strong sense of community spirit, which carries through to his professional life.
  • Janet Chow
    General Manager
    Janet is an expert in business developing with proven track record of success in the establishment of several well-known real estate agencies. Janet has strong appearance and knowledge with the entire process of real estate sales and development. With a solid background in office management, she has excellent business skills and the ability to manage operational with the highest level of professionalism. Focused on providing premium service in every instance, she consistently keeps everyone up to date through every step of the process. Janet is a driven and enthusiastic executive whose positive attitude and communication skills instantly put her clients at ease. With a broad range of real estate experience, Janet has developed a strong understanding of the essential qualities and committed to delivering them. Her attention to detail has resulted in many compliments from her clients. Janet believes that her professional strengths are her ability to make people feel comfortable. She analyses carefully the client’s expectations and adapts the most suitable method to ensure the delivery of ultimate services.
  • Adriana Felic
    Senior Property Manager
    With over 30 years experience in the field of rental and strata management, Adriana has high level of enthusiasm and energy in her role as Senior Property Manager. Whilst her role can be challenging, Adriana's highly motivated manner resolved many issues arise during her work. With her dedication and attention to detail Adriana provided outstanding services to clients and excellent communication skill resulting in great feedback and establishes long, solid and return clientele. Adriana is passionate about providing a professional, caring and transparent customer service to all her clients. This is demonstrated by her high level of work ethics, immense knowledge, excellent communication, organizational and management skills with a hands on approach developing and managing the entire rental process.
  • Lena Fu
    Project Manager
    Lena is a heartful, energetic and skillful Project Manager.  Lena has joined us since 2016 overlooking our premier project developments. She shines like a star with her passion and enthusiasm towards her work. Her innovation with theoretical knowledge gained from her Business background has achieved excellent skill sets to resolve and encounter problems. Her extraordinary budget management keeps all aspects running at its tip-top performance. With her dedication to her job, she always predicts possible complications ahead which eliminates major setbacks. Lena strikes our clients with the attention to details. As a result of her excellency, our clients are most satisfied with her professionalism in many aspects.